Cutting Board Answer..


G-mom Pad “new” kitchen gadget for 2012

The alternative to wood or plastic chopping boards!
Making cleanup fast, ez,and less cross-contamination.
Ideal for crafters work stations & disposible usage even for Pets!

“Must Have” disposable padding for your Counters or Workspace!

Cutting Boards and Food Safety:

Wondering about the best kind of cutting board to use to help avoid a food-related illness? Here’s what you need!
Nonporous surfaces like plastic or glass are easier to clean than wood and thus better in terms of food safety.
Wood is naturally porous, and those tiny fissures and grooves in wooden boards hold bacteria in fine cracks and crevices.
 Which is why cutting boards made of wood aren’t allowed in commercial kitchens. Glass boards break or you break things on it plus it is bad for knives. Neverthles, trying to keep cross-contamination down is a chore because you need a board for vegetables and a separate one for meat. HELP !!
To make this easy and quick! Use our absorbent, multi-purpose disposable pad, for veggies, meats, craft projects, pets and even babies. The pad is so durable and large you can use half. Use it for hot fried chicken to absorb oil. The other half you can wipe up a spill. Stop!! It is the same pad you can dry your meat, season and dust it with flour.  The uses you will find will make this product even more valuable!
Gmom has the modern answer…
Use the G-mom Pad and save clean up time and money!
Time to replace your plastic or wood board when it looks like this!
  • Dry your vegetables, meat even your hands
  • Absorb excess moisture including oil
  • Large working area
  • Fast, cleanup
  • Disposable
  • Iradicate cross contamination
According to the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, nonporous surfaces like plastic are easier to clean.
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“We love the Gmom Pad” a “must have” product for cooking n crafts!